Rules and regulations


  • ​​Students are not permitted to use, be under the influence or be in possession of any drug, alcohols, or tobacco products while at any H.O.F.N.O.D.G.T. event no matter what the location. Parental permission does not make the student exempt from this rule.
  • ​While at overnight functions at H.O.F.N.O.D.G.T. no students of the opposite sex are permitted to occupy the same tent or cabin.
  • ​At no time is any student allowed to leave a H.O.F.N.O.D.G.T. event with any other person that is not listed on the registration form.
  • ​Students are bound by all Local, State, and Federal laws.
  • ​Students must maintain a minimal attendance record. Students will be allowed to miss one class per month. This will help the student get the most out of our program.​​
  • No illegal weapons of any kind are allowed on students, in their possession or on H.O.F.N.O.D.G.T. premisses. 





  • ​At no time shall a staff member whether paid or volunteer, use; be under the influence; or be in possession of any illegal drugs or alcohol while representing " Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs".
  • ​Use or visibly have on your person, any type of tobacco products during any H.O.F.N.O.D.G.T. program. There is no use of tobacco products anywhere on H.O.F.N.O.D.G.T. property by any persons. Adherence to this is crucial; "sneaking" sends a mixed message to children & destroys your credibility with them.
  • ​Deliberately perform any act or demonstration, or request such demonstration or act, in such a manner that places a child in an unsafe situation, whether the demonstration or act results in injury or not.
  • ​Use profane or degrading language
  • Promote the use of alcohol or tobacco in any way, including but not limited to wearing or displaying promotional items such as hats, t-shirts, buttons, coats, etc.. 
  • ​Touch or become intimate with children or other volunteers in a inappropriate manner. 
  • ​Lobby for, promote,  distribute any religious or political materials while representing H.O.F.N.O.D.G.T.
  • Any deviation from this policy will result in staff member being removed from the program and banned from volunteering in the future.​
  • No illegal weapons of any kind are allowed on staff, in their possession or on H.O.F.N.O.D.G.T. premisses.